Chimney Sweeping Process

  • NFPA recommends that every fireplace in the country should be evaluated every year.
  • We try to arrive at your scheduled time but ask for a 30 minute window on either side of your appointment.
  • We will introduce ourselves and ask if there are any issues that we need to address.
  • The sweeps will evaluate the fireplace to see if it needs to be swept.
  • Throughout the evaluation, the sweeps will make sure that all parts of the NFPA 211 level 1 inspection are evaluated.

  • If the fireplace needs to be swept, the sweeps will determine what method will work for your fireplace. We complete most sweeps with our rotary system. If you have a lock-top damper, we will use the manual brushes to complete the sweep. Most sweeps get performed from inside the house through the firebox opening.
Video of one of our sweeps preforming a rotary sweep
  • After the sweeps complete the rotary sweep, they make sure they remove creosote from the smoke shelf (the area behind the damper door), the walls in the firebox, and around the damper door.
  • If there is a gas line for the fireplace, the sweeps make sure it is operating correctly. If there is an issue they will let you know and offer a replacement of the log lighter or if there are issues with the valve, they will refer you to a plumber for a proper fix.
  • The other sweep will evaluate the outside chase and crown. The sweeps can preform minor fixes/patching or refer you to a mason for bigger issues.
  • At the end of your appointment, the sweeps will review a fire safety list and see if you have any questions. Click here to review the fire safety checklist.
  • The sweeps will also review the safe way to lite your fireplace.
  • The process for a pre-fab fireplace usually takes around 30 minutes and for a masonry fireplace usually takes around 45 minutes.
  • The sweeps are available for any questions you have about your fireplace or fire safety.