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Naperville Chimney Sweeps, Inc. IconNaperville Chimney Sweeps, Inc.

608 South Washington Street Ste 207, Naperville

4.6 34 reviews

  • Avatar Elizabeth Breese ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    Everyone we dealt with was very friendly. They were prompt when returning our call to set the appointment. Multiple reminders of the appointment were sent, even a text to let me know they were within 15 minutes, I appreciated the respect of my time.
    Phil was very nice and professional. He took measures
    … More to protect the area around the fireplace as he worked. When he was done, he had photos to show me why we made the recommendations he did.
    Safety recommendations were made as well.
    This service is an excellent value for the cost.
  • Avatar Michelle Probst ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    From the first phone call to wrapping up the finishing touches, everyone involved in our job has been so friendly and knowledgeable, without a doubt some of the most professional contractors we've worked with. Our chimney needed some major repairs, we used FireGuard and ChamberGuard to repair the … More many cracks we had in the liner. The process took only 1 day with no smell and no mess! Thank you for squeezing us in before the weather turned, we are all SO excited to use our fireplace this winter!
  • Avatar Lynda Porter ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Under contract to our apartment complex, the two firefighters that swept our fireplace were awesome. Friendly, professional and educational. Very clean and careful. The photo shows all if the soot/creosote they pulled from our chimney. Highly recommend!
  • Avatar Jameson White ★★★★★ 6 months ago
    Courteous, professional, did a great job. Also since it is run by former firefighters they are very conscientious of whole house fire safety. Will definitely have them back on a regular basis.
  • Avatar Cheryl Bowers, Realtor ★★★★★ a year ago
    Great service all around. From the time of scheduling to the time of service everything went really well. I would highly recommend their services. I had a chimney cleaning done and they fixed my flue while they were here (it kept falling). Very honest and straight forward. I will definitely be recommending … More this company both personally and professionally.
  • Avatar Ashish Kachrani ☆☆☆☆ 3 years ago
    Chimney Sweeps inspected the chimney and provided a report stating an unsatisfactory concrete condition and cracks around crown.
    At same time contradicting to finding their technician called out not a safety issue and no fixes needed.
    I had to get another chimney company, their finding was the same,
    … More the cracks needed fixing, water seeps through the cracks and damaged the bricks, recommended I get a masonary work done.
    Thanks but no thanks, shortcoming by Naperville Chimney Sweeps made me think it is a non issue, matter of fact it was an issue that needed attention and not safe.
    Would you get cheap service then get hit with expensive repairs?
  • Avatar Melissa Angiulo ★★★★★ a year ago
    Showed up early and spent just over an hour handling all my concerns. They cleaned the fireplace, helped me figure out why my gas starter wasn't working, and even investigated the backdraft problem I was having with my furnace/hot water heater. Throughout the entire process, they explained what … More they were doing and why and answered all my questions. At the end, even though they had done so much more, they only charged me for the cleaning! Great guys and I highly recommend them to anyone who needs great service at a good price!
  • Avatar Mary Hwang ★★★★★ 9 months ago
    The firemen who came were professional and efficient. Highly recommend this company
  • Avatar tj jones ☆☆☆☆ a year ago
    They lady literally laughed at me over the phone and stated they won't service my area (which is only 7 miles away from their business). Obviously they do not care about my families safety and my concerns about the chimney at our new home.
  • Avatar B Andrae ★★★★★ a year ago
    Punctual, professional and very knowledgeable. I was given an education on fireplace safety and fire safety in general. They even inspected my fire extinguisher. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone who needs their chimney cleaned.
  • Avatar Chris Evans ★★★★★ a year ago
    The guys from Naperville Chimney Sweeps were terrific! We had a terrible experience with a previous company who tried to rip us off by telling us things about our chimney cap, which our NCS guys proved to us (via drone photos) were not true. I'll be using NCS forever!! Thanks guy!!!
  • Avatar Jerry Koudelik ★★★★★ a year ago
    We've used Naperville Chimney Sweeps (Retired Firemen) to clean and service our chimney's for many years on our past 3 homes and we kept coming back. Yesterday we had them clean and inspect our new townhome fireplace. They did a wonderful job. Keep up the great work NCS.
  • Avatar Sean Nightingale ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    This company is a breath of fresh air! We hired them to clean our chimney and they couldn’t have been nicer explaining to us that we didn’t really need one and instead giving us a detailed tutorial. They could have easily not said anything and just performed the task we hired them to come to do (for … More triple the charge). I wish every company was as honest and helpful
  • Avatar Marcos Posada ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    They inspected my gas fireplace and set the logs up so that it looks great and operates flawless. They are off duty firefighters. Showed me the best way to light the fire and discussed upgrade options. Also looked at my smoke alarms and fire extinguisher. Very good price for peace of mind knowing the … More fireplace is safe. Highly recommend.
  • Avatar Wayne Ha ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    Naperville Chimney Sweeps is top-notch! Jim and Mike came out and were extremely helpful, informative, thorough, and incredibly friendly. Their service is an educational experience and you can tell they really believe in what they do and do it very well. Would highly recommend!
  • Avatar Heidi Barron ★★★★★ a year ago
    Very professional, reliable, reasonable & friendly company! Would highly recommend!!!

Customer Reviews Submitted to Us

9.89 out of 10 rating from 174 customers that returned reviews to us

10/10 – Great company! Would highly recommend! Smooth from start to finish. Reliable pricing, reliable and friendly company. – Heidi B

10/10 – Our chimney inspectors were timely, efficient and so informative. I’d highly recommend Naperville Chimney Sweeps to anyone!  Very pleased – Joan S

10/10 – Needed a chimney cap and sweep. Fireplace never used but heard a bird inside one morning. They were on time and had all the supplies. The gentleman was very knowledgeable and honest. He told me the chimney did not need sweeping but it was installed improperly and made several safety recommendations to correct the problem. Highly recommended. – Janet M

10/10 – The crew did a great job.  Showed me some problem areas and then fixed them.  They were also able to replace the very old log starter. No mess. Great price. – Mr. R

10/10 – The technicians were quick, clean, and helpful. – Steve W

10/10 – Very professional guys.  Were very efficient and clean.  Excellent explanations and communication.  Fantastic service. – John S

10/10 – Great work!  I trust these guys to do a good job and offer sound advice. – Kelly C

10/10 – Recommended by my sister who uses this firm. Very happy with professionalism and thoroughness of the 2 person team. – Sonia G

10/10 – Very professional, good work, nice people. – Montse G

10/10 – Friendly service.  Communicated ETA timely.  Great company! – Nan & Gary S

10/10 – High confidence that the Naperville Chimney Sweep team knows their stuff.  – Julie Will

10/10 – Very professional job. – Pam M

9/10 – Every experience with Naperville Chimney has been good.  Jobs have been done professionally and with courtesy. – Cheryl B

10/10 – Very efficient and helpful in regards to things that will need to be replaced in the future. They didn’t pressure to have anything done immediately – Maureen C

10/10 – Friendly and knowledgeable – Elaine Will

10/10 – They were quick and efficient.  Extremely personable and helpful talking us through what information we needed to know. – Shante W

10/10 – They were pretty much on time.  Texted me when they would be at my door.  We’re very courteous and informative. – Joy N

10/10 – The people were very knowledgeable and helpful. – Alan N

10/10 – On time, courteous, and thorough – Kevin O

10/10 – From the initial phone call to actual service, customer service was fantastic. Appreciated the fireman expertise providing additional tips to keep my home& family safe. – Stefanie R – 6/10/22

10/10 – Outstanding service and high quality work. Very professional. – John Will – 6/14/22

10/10 – Always professional and thorough service. – Paul P – 6/17/22

10/10 – Great guys – very knowledgeable and professional. Didn’t try to tell upsell us on anything and were totally honest about the work we needed. – Mike O – 6/20/22

10/10 – They performed an inspection of my chimney, both inside and outside, resulting in a repair in my chimney cap which they repaired.  They also gave me a great final review of safety measures in my house to prevent any possible issues.  They were great! – Gail M – 6/27/22

10/10 – Great job cleaning our fireplace/chimney. – Bill P – 6/27/22

10/10 – On time (a little early, actually, which is great), extremely polite and professional, quick but thorough and took the time to explain to me what they were doing and things I should know about my fireplace.  Would absolutely recommend. – Jameson & Beth W – 6/27/22

10/10 – They are professional and thorough. – Anica B – 6/27/22

10/10 – Prompt and thorough in getting rid of the uninvited guest in our chimney. – Sam S – 7/5/22

10/10 – Very professional and thorough.  They answered our questions and provided us useful information regarding our smoke alarms, CO2 detector and fire extinguishers. – Nancy S – 7/8/22

10/10 – Wayne was great. Very informative and friendly. Would highly recommend to everyone – Phillip N – 7/12/22

10/10 – Good service. Very knowledgeable team. – Dayelis S – 7/14/22

9/10 – Get a great job! – Ed D – 7/14/22

10/10 – They were very informative and very nice – Alex L – 7/14/22

10/10 – Arrived on time. Fast & efficient. Friendly. Knowledge of fireplaces and fire safety.  Reasonably priced. – Katie F – 7/18/22

10/10 – Friendly and address the problem – Dianna G – 7/20/22

10/10 – Great doing business with you! – Jennifer And – 7/20/22

10/10 – Very professional. Courteous. Thorough. Clean. Detailed. Took time to explain everything in detail in layman terms – Sekar R – 7/29/22

10/10 – They were very informative and friendly – Sandy B – 8/1/22

10/10 – On time, clean, friendly, informative, good price – Wendy P – 8/4/22

10/10 – The team at Naperville Chimney Sweeps was great. They answered all my questions, explained what to expect, and stayed in contact, from beginning to end. The on-site crew were friendly, professional, and made sure I was happy with the work. If I have any chimney work which needs to be done in the future, or know anyone who does, Naperville Chimney sweeps will be the ones I recommend! – John K – 8/4/22

10/10 – They were fast, efficient and well priced! – Ben G – 8/8/22

10/10 – Great service and I appreciate that they are firemen and provide fire safety tips. – Sharon K – 8/9/22

10/10 – I’m in the process of moving. An inspector said it needed to be fixed. The crew that came today checked it out and found that there was nothing wrong with my fireplace. – Jacquelyn G – 8/16/22

10/10 – Great service. I am glad I called and will look forward to using the team again next year to sweep my chimney – Bob H – 8/17/22

10/10 – Your guys were professional, thorough, and informative – very helpful since we just moved from Hawaii and had lots of questions for safely operating and maintaining a gas fireplace. Bonus – they gave great advice for fire safety. Mahalo! – Ken & Emile A – 8/19/22

10/10 – Very professional and nice guys. Explained everything clearly, answered all questions. Kept everything very clean. Really excellent team. – Ann M – 8/22/22

10/10 –  Very informative and honest. – Amy S – 8/22/22

10/10 – They went so far beyond what I expected, which was a cleaning and inspection.  They fixed my damper and screens.  They also recommended a replacement grate, which they had in the truck.  – Chris M – 8/22/22

10/10 – Always good service and very helpful advise – Tom O – 8/23/22

10/10 – Service was prompt caring and professional – Paul M – 8/23/22

10/10 – Scheduling with Amy and Phil and Javier’s expertise to service the fireplace was excellent.  I would absolutely recommend your team to neighbors and friends. – Joe H – 8/25/22

10/10 – On time, friendly, knowledgeable – Wendy P – 8/25/22

10/10 – Outstanding communication, service and overall professionalism 2nd to none! – Rich H – 8/26/22

10/10 – Great customer service! – Jasper M – 8/29/22

10/10 – Very professional – Effie The – 8/30/22

10/10 – Professional, friendly staff who are on-time and provide great service! – Laura M – 8/30/22

10/10 – Crew was very through did a great job.  On time and very professional. Great experience! – Kurt G – 8/31/22

10/10 – Very informative – Matt P – 9/8/22

10/10 – Easy to book and exceptional customer service! Everyone I interacted with was pleasant and feel that my fireplace was well taken care of. Thank you! – Lauren F – 9/9/22

10/10 – Organized, friendly on the phone and in person, knowledgeable, makes me feel confident they know their stuff! – Michelle P – 9/12/22

10/10 – The guys were very friendly and knowledgeable.  We have a relatively unique issue and they are helping us through resolving via a plan they worked out. – Mike H – 9/12/22

10/10 – Nice employees, prompt service – Kathleen P – 9/12/22

10/10 – Informative, friendly, knowledgeable – Julia G – 9/12/22

10/10 – Wayne, Phil and Havier were all very professional, made sure everything was clean while doing the work and after.  Very polite and knowledgeable.    My only complaint would be the price… 🙂  I remember paying about $120.00 and thought that was high.  Now it’s over $200.00. – Mike H – 9/13/22

10/10 – Very professional I believe in their work. – Pearl A – 9/14/22

10/10 – Thorough and friendly. Cost is reasonable. – Cecilia C – 9/15/22

10/10 – Very thorough! Super friendly! – Amy C – 9/16/22

10/10 – Great job good people. – Joe & Danielle S – 9/20/22

10/10 – I have used Naperville Chimney Sweeps for years. They are always courteous, honest and do a great job. I get lots of solicitation calls for chimney cleaning and hear a crazy array of prices. I always feel like a get a fair price and thorough work from them. – Anne P – 9/21/22

10/10 – very efficient and courteous. answered all of my questions. – Nancy W – 9/21/22

10/10 – Helpful, on time, courteous – Len E – 9/22/22

10/10 – Wayne was excellent. Very through and knowledgeable – Betts K – 9/22/22

10/10 – Wayne did a great job inspecting my fireplace. All looked good, He explained everything and questions about Smoke Alarm, 10 year battery one which I have in the master bedroom, also asked about Fire Exstinguisher which we have hanging in stairway going to basement, but I forgot to ask him to check it! I will for sure let people know about the inspection of fireplace by  Naperville  Chimney Sweeps, Inc. Thanks Again. – Jolene A – 9/22/22

10/10 – Great service. – Michael S – 9/27/22

10/10 – nice guys,  very meticulous,  and helpful with suggestions. – Deb L – 9/27/22

10/10 – Great service. Very knowledgeable and friendly. A lot faster than I anticipated as well. – Ian P – 9/27/22

10/10 – Always fantastic service! – Heather P – 9/28/22

10/10 – Very friendly & knowledgeable. Quick & clean – Matt K – 9/28/22

10/10 – Phil was very prompt and professional. Excellent service and advise. – Elizabeth B – 9/30/22

9/10 – This is the reason we use your services year after year – Alan W – 10/3/22

10/10 – Very careful, thorough & helpful explaining everything. – Diane O – 10/4/22

10/10 – They do such a good job and let us know if there is any issues with our chimney. – Alan H – 10/5/22

10/10 – Great experience from the initial phone call to signing the check!  Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful crew. – Jim C – 10/5/22

10/10 – Phil and Mike were very polite, very knowledgeable and fixed my fireplace. They also gave me a quote for a new unit. I would recommend them to anybody. Very nice people Seem to care a lot about my safety. Excellent thank you for the service – Dianna H – 10/7/22

10/10 – They are punctual, and really knew what they were doing.  Did a good job of explaining everything as they went through the inspection.  Also appreciated additional safety items they discussed with me. – Chuck O – 10/11/22

10/10 – Everyone was so accommodating and great to work with! – Michelle P – 10/13/22

10/10 – Friendly, professional service gives me peace of mind to use my fireplace. – Linda C – 10/14/22

10/10 – They were very helpful and taught me to use my fire place.  I appreciate their help. – Dana H – 10/17/22

10/10 – Professional services from beginning to End! – Bob E – 10/18/22

10/10 – Great service, explained everything. – Bruce & Rea-Ann – 10/18/22

10/10 – They were excellent. Super clean, explained so much i didn’t know, even caulked some of my chimney for me. I highly recommend Naperville Chimney Sweeps. I will totally pass on your company to others. – Dan N – 10/18/22

10/10 – Very responsive, friendly, and professional! – Melissa – 10/19/22

10/10 – Prompt, courteous, thorough and knowledgeable – Kathy Very – 1019/22

10/10 – Wayne was great! We are new homeowners and have never dealt with a gas fireplace before.  He checked everything for safety and provided some great tips and safety information!! Thanks so much – Kristin Y – 10/20/22

10/10 – Great work at a reasonable price. – Julie A – 10/20/22

9/10 – Thorough and informative – Brian G – 10/21/22

10/10 – Prompt friendly service. Quality job. Fair prices – Gary K – 10/21/22

10/10 – Excellent service and wise advise on fire prevention. Thank you! – Steve T – 10/24/22

10/10 – Thorough, knowledgeable, skillful staff. I feel like the inspectors have a real concern for our safety. – Carol E – 10/24/22

10/10 – Very nice and very informative! – Abbie B – 10/25/22

10/10 – Very helpful, informative, polite & kind firefighters & company. Definitely will be using Naperville Chimney Sweeps for years to come! – Samantha B – 10/27/22

10/10 – Very professional, friendly & thorough. – Pat & Paul M – 10/27/22

10/10 – Many years of excellent service. – Rick J – 10/27/22

10/10 – Super nice people and great information about the fireplace and fire safety in general. Great with my son and dog. Will use in the future and recommend to family and friends. – Mike O – 10/27/22

10/10 – Polite professional service at a good price – David G – 10/28/22

10/10 – Both Wayne and Phil were extremely professional and helpful.  Great experience, thank you! – Eric S – 10/28/22

10/10 – Very knowledgeable about the product and your customer service was excellent.  I love the fact that your employees are current or retired fireman. I feel that my product is safe for my family. Thank you – Ann R – 10/28/22

10/10 – Very fine work done by Wayne. Told us what he was doing, what concerns (That were taken care of) and a very clean environment.  Went over everything with us in detail before asking for payment. Very pleased using Naperville Chimney Sweeps – Steve & Janet P – 10/31/22

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Review from Lori & Greg L
We love our new logs! We are so enjoying them especially these last two cold nights. Thank you for all your help ordering and organizing our install. We will definitely 100% recommend Naperville Chimney Sweeps. We feel extra safe and secure knowing firefighters did our installation.

5 Star Review from Mike M
Naperville Chimney Sweeps are prompt and professional. The service people they employ are off duty and retired fire department employees so they take your safety very seriously. Highly recommend.

5 Star Review from Robert A of Bolingbrook
Great service and professional

Picture Review
The customer and their dogs love the new ceramic logs we installed.

A nice thank you letter from one of our customers!

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Naperville Chimney Sweeps
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 2 reviews
 by Robin Somers
How did we do?: Excellent

Great friendly service. Very professional. Will highly recommend this company!

 by Julie Pheneger
Chimney Clean
How did we do?: Excellent

I NEVER write reviews for companies, NEVER! This is one I felt I needed to write a review. They were amazing! We had a great experience with the chimney cleaning. They were very professional, clean and respectful. Very knowledgeable as well. Not only did they clean my chimney but they went over everything on how to use the gas starter, to asking about smoke detectors in the house, even an escape route in case of a fire. You could tell they were experienced firefighters and I thought that was SO AWESOME!! I would definitely recommend this company to others and hope they get the same 2 guys I got!! Can't say enough good things about the two!! Thank you guys!!

Julie,Thank you for taking the time in sending your review. We will let Wayne and Pat know you appreciated their thoroughness. We look forward to serving you again in the future.Phil & Amy