Dryer Vent Cleaning Process

  • We try to arrive at your scheduled time but ask for a 30 minute window on either side of your appointment.
  • We will introduce ourselves and ask if there are any issues that we need to address.
  • Crew will place your dryer on air only mode so they can check the speed of the dryer at the outside vent prior to the cleaning taking place and after to show you the difference.
Checking outside vent & testing speed
  • The crew will bring in the cleaning equipment (HEPA filter vacuum, hoses, clean brushes with rods, and drill)
  • Crew also checks the speed at the back of the dryer prior to the cleaning taking place and after to show you the difference.
  • Crew will pull the dryer out and connect the Y-adapter and large vacuum hose to the duct work and preform the rotary sweep from the inside of your house.
Y-adapter connected to duct work
  • Crew will sweep the duct pipe that connects to the dryer vent duct piping.
  • Crew vacuums the area where the dryer sits and along the back of the washing machine.
Cleaning the area were dryer sits and surrounding area
  • Crew will clean the lint trap and the lint trap housing area of the dryer. (Crew does not take apart your dryer)
  • Crew will test the speed at the the back of the dryer before they reconnect the duct work to your dryer and place everything back to where they found it.
  • Crew will check the check the speed at the outside vent to see the increase in speed.
  • Crew makes sure that the heat is working in the dryer before they leave.
  • Crew will complete the evaluation form, review the findings and email you a copy of the evaluation form.
  • Crew will ask if you want to be placed on our reminder list for future visits.