Chimney Swifts

Chimney Swifts are making a big comeback to the area. We began finding the birds in Naperville area chimneys about 6 years ago and we have been seeing on average 6-10 nests a year and increasing each year. The birds are a very different species and live in chimneys due to their unique design. The bird can fly up and down similar to a hummingbird and with spine-like tail feathers they can support themselves in a chimney flue. Nests are built on the side of a tile flue or on the smoke shelf behind your damper door.

The birds do not damage your fireplace or chimeny and provide a service by eating mosquittos and other insects. As a protected bird under the Migratory Bird Act, a federal law prohibits by fine and or jail time, any disturbance of the bird. Since they do no damage, it is not a concern and by October, the birds have migrated and we can remove the old nest and install a cap to prevent return the following year.

To find out more or learn how to protect and invite the birds to nest nearby, click here to obtain free plans to build a nest box for the birds.

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